Nintendo NX – Is the new gaming console created by Nintendo due to be released early march 2017. The Nintendo NX is the new edition of the classic Nintendo& it will be compatible with VR headsets. Review & buy the NX & discover new Nintendo NX games.

Nintendo is currently working under the code name "NX" on a new video game console, which is to appear on the market in from March 2017. According to Nintendo the NX is not a successor to the Wii or Wii U.                                                                             

  • When will the Nintendo NX be released?
  • What games will be available for the Nintendo NX?
  • What is the controller of the NX console?
  • Can the NX, PS4 and Xbox One match?
  • Will there be virtual reality goggles for the Nintendo NX?


Satoru Iwata, a former president of Nintendo, the next Nintendo console announced on March 17, 2015 under the code name "NX" to - more details were not then known. The NX is projected Nintendo offer "a brand new concept" and not a direct successor to the already available platforms of the Japanese company.

                                                                When will the Nintendo NX be released?

The Nintendo NX will come in March 2017 the market that goes from the financial report of Nintendo forth. The report also mentioned that The Legend of Zelda simultaneously for Nintendo Wii U and NX to appear.


                                                        What games will be available for the Nintendo NX?

Officially so far only The Legend of Zelda has been announced for the new Nintendo NX, however, the publisher & developer Square Enix is thinking about adding Dragon Quest X and Dragon Quest XI on the next Nintendo console. In addition, there are rumours that Beyond Good & Evil as an exclusive title appears.

The reported launch of Nintendo NX and the "annual title" of EA, Ubisoft and Activision and "Mario Underground" & "The Legend of Zelda, plus, The Fields of Dawn" will be offered too.

What is the controller of the NX console?

In June 2015 Nintendo filed with the US Patent Office United States Patent and Trademark Office and a controller with a touch screen. It is not yet known whether the subsequent images really show the NX controller, but the possibility exists at least. Clicking best on XXL button, so that you can better recognize the images.

                                                           Nintendo NX: Patent application for Controller

                                                                  Can the NX, PS4 and Xbox One match?

According to this report the Nintendo NX 50 times is regarded as a more powerful console than the Nintendo Wii U and it’s expected to be 100 times more powerful than the PlayStation Vita. If this assertion is true, the performance level of NX is on a level with the Xbox One from Microsoft.


                                                       Will there be virtual reality goggles for Nintendo NX?

Nintendo NX - Although with Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR and HTC Vive currently emerging is a clear trend in the gaming segment, Nintendo is this probably not vote.

"It's Nintendo's philosophy of creating products that you can play with any in his living room. And we do not feel that virtual reality fits this philosophy." Nintendo design legend Shigeru Miyamoto explained in the context of E3, 2015.


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